Additional Advice from the Board

Additional Advice from the Board

In other countries it is quite common for the tenant or buyer to be represented by a property specialist. This is basically where the tenant or buyer remunerates the representative and they are employed to represent their specific interests in the process and transaction. This role is becoming more common in Australia and has done so over the last ten years.
Balmoral Partners have been asked to undertake this role for a range of companies, organisations and individuals. This role can vary in degree and is tailored to the client's specific needs.

Example of how we have assisted clients in this role include:

Example 1:

A national client was occuping a large premises in Meadowbank and was given notice to vacate their premises because the site was being redeveloped to residential apartments.

As they employed approximately 50 staff they required assistance with the search and selection process.

Balmoral Partners identified the perfect premises for them.  It was not for sale however, through Balmoral Partners network they sourced through a managing agent a property whereby the owner had considered selling.

We arranged an inspection and it met their needs perfectly plus it gave them room to grow as it had additional space that was leased.  Importantly it also met their time frame which was one of the most challenging impacts of moving.

The selling price of $8,100,000 was a great result for our client as it is also in a high growth area.

Balmoral Partners coordinated building inspections and other aspected of the due diligence.

Two (2) years later the client is extremely happy and they have already been approached with offers of in excess of $12,000,000.

Example 2:

Balmoral Partners have recently assisted a medical practice to search for a suitable premises on the Lower North Shore.

They had specific requirements and wanted to stay within their existing suburb and have exposure.  They also required more plumbing and drainage than most commercial users.

Balmoral Partners successfully identifed an off market opportunity whereby a developer had palnned to build commercial space on the ground floor.

Balmoral Partners was able to negotiate an arrangement whereby the developer could intergrate their fitout whereby a substantial amount was saved compared to retro fitting a new medical practice.

Example 3:

Balmoral Partners are currently appointed by a multi billion dollar, multi national company in helping them assess the development potential of a site.


Balmoral Partners have assisted a range of national and multinational companies as well as SME's, not for profit and private investors.

We have respected their privacy by not disclosing their identities.  References, however, can be provided on request.