Tenant Tips

Identify Your Preferred Location/s
Depending on your business type, there will be a number of locations and suburbs which are well suited to your Company. You should identify your preferred locations and contact an agent who has a solid understanding of each of these areas and can provide you with valuable advice.

Know Your Options
It is best to inspect a number of properties within each of your preferred locations. This will not only give you a chance to see which properties best suit your business, but will also give you an idea of market pricing and your bargaining power.

Research Your Options Well Before Your Current Lease Expires
Give yourself time to make a decision on your next lease. Selecting a property for your business is an important decision and rent payments are a significant cost for most businesses. For this reason a decision should not be made in haste and you should begin exploring your options well before you are due to vacate your current premises.

Do Not Inspect the Same Property with More Than One Agent
In the commercial & industrial property market, most agents can show you most of the property on the market. This allows a tenant to stick with their preferred agent, regardless of who has advertised the property.

If you inspect a property with one agent, we ask that you deal with that agent for that particular property and do not inspect the same property with another agent. This prevents potential agency disputes and conflict of interests.